Friendship Art Education Foundation invites NGOs and artistic groups of children and youth to join a network of Lelenfant groups. We believe that every child will benefit from participating in the unique experience that is offered by the Polish based Lelenfant project. 

We see great potential in every young person and we want to bring it out and strengthen it. Through joint creative work, fun and sharing each other’s skills, passion and even a helping hand, we believe that we are able to learn much more and create something unique. 

Together we bring peace into the world. 


About Lelenfant

It is said that elephants (French: l’éléphant) are the most peaceful, wise and friendly creatures on earth. Just like children! (French: l 'enfant). This combination gave us the basis for defining the symbolism of the project that is a continuation of #BraveKids under the Friendship Art Education Foundation.

The Lelenfant project – an initiative aimed at intercultural integration in line with the idea of „children teach children”. Participants taking part in the project, although much smaller than elephants, show an equally great heart when creating artistic initiatives together.

Diversity, meetings, integration – a new name, ingrained values, cultivated for years, and even greater motivation and energy to act.

We present to you #Lelenfant – a project with great opportunities for people with big hearts!

Lelenfant is carried out as part of the project „PROMOTION OF WROCŁAW THROUGH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE LELENFANT PROJECT IN WROCŁAW”, co-financed by the Municipality of Wrocław, and implemented by the Friendship Art Education Foundation.

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